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Les Fradkin- "If Your Memory Serves You Well" - RRO-1013

Jangle Pop for Modern Times. The Times They Are-A-Changin and you can hear Bob Dylan's most famous tunes through the "Wheel's On Fire" sound of Les Fradkin. Of particular interest is Les' Phil Spector styled production of "One Of Us Must Know".

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With times changin at today's speeds, Bob Dylan fans can now hear something new from Les Fradkin, who has found great success with "Single" download sales across the Internet. In this new Jangle Pop release, the "Jangleholic" and his trusty Rickenbacker 12-String guitar are at it again! Les takes more than just a common tribute approach and reveals a unique perspective in the diverse influences that form the basis of a new sound for Bob Dylan's music. Byrds, Beatles, George Harrison, The Hollies, Phil Spector, Manfred Mann, Tom Petty and Dylan all blend together for a distinct journey through the Bob Dylan catalog. "This Wheels On Fire", "The Times They Are-A-Changin" will impress Byrds fans and Les' reading of "One Of Must Know" is a must hear as it takes Dylan into new sonic territory. Tom Petty fans will delight to his approach on "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and his fresh take on "Just Like A Woman" will suprise even those overly familiar with this Dylan hit.