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Les Fradkin- "Jangleholic" - RRO-1010

The Master of the 12-String Guitar shows you all his tricks on this very popular Jangle Pop release. This CD features Les' renowned Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar stylings with some special surprises! On this CD, he offers a selection of great Jangle covers from songs that influenced him as a 12-string guitarist: "I Want You" ( Bob Dylan ), "You Were On My Mind" ( by The We Five ), "I'll Never Find Another You" ( by The Seekers ) and TWO Paul Simon songs from the Simon & Garfunkel Songbook- "A Hazy Shade Of Winter" and his electrfying cover of "The Dangling Conversation." Les' original compositions on this CD range from brand new tunes such as "Arrow Thru Your Heart" to gems from his past such as "Still On My Way" (co-written with Raven Kane of Neil Diamond touring fame) and "Sometimes A Girl Must Carry On" which dates back all the way to his 1971 unreleased MGM/Sunflower album. Check out "Why Is This Man Smiling?", a track the critics love! The title track, "Jangleholic" gives the listener a humorous account of Les' history with both the 12-string guitar and his days in Beatlemania.
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