Beatles Guitar Instrumental Tribute CD's


Les Fradkin-"Pepper Front To Back" - CD

"Pepper Front To Back." 14 Guitar Instrumentals. The entire Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album PLUS "All You Need Is Love" PLUS a special hidden track. All in time for the 40th Anniversary of The Summer Of Love and the 30th Anniversary of the opening of Beatlemania on Broadway. What's different here? A new sound for the guitar, courtesy of Les' Roland VG-8 V-Guitar, Roland GR33 and GR-1 Guitar Synthesizers and heavily modified Fender "Rocky" Stratocaster. The Beatles, George Martin and Giles Martin started a mash up of Beatles tracks for The Cirque du Soleil and Love albums. Les takes things one step further with a virtual mash-up of guitar technology resulting in guitar sounds never heard before and sonic possibilities only dreamed of till now.