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Les Fradkin: Music

"Hyper Midi Guitar" CD

Lift Off (Live) - SINGLE


"If Your Memory Serves You Well"-CD


"Reality-The Rock Opera"-CD

Les Fradkin-"Telstar" (The Single)

"The Gates Of Trance" - EP

"Something for George"-CD

"A Day At The Beach"-CD


"Strat Heaven" CD

"The White Single" CD

"Goin' Back"-CD

Les Fradkin - "Under The Covers"- CD

"Guitar Revolution"-CD

Pepper Front To Back"-CD

"Spirit Of Christmas"-CD

"Perfect World" CD

"While My Guitar On;y Plays"-CD

"Love You 2"-CD

"Venus In Bluejeans" (A Les Fradkin Production)-CD

"Perfect World" (Old Version) - CD

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