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Les Fradkin: News

Les Fradkin Hallmark Signature Guitar Now Available! - June 6, 2017

The Hallmark Les Fradkin Custom 60 guitar is the first guitar to carry the name of this award winning guitarist. It builds on Hallmark's Custom 60 model with custom wound pickups and Les Fradkin's choice of 500K pots to provide its signature sound without any electronic noise.The guitar has a 24-3/4" scale length. 

It features a bound alder body with a set maple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard and a Shade Roller Bearing Vibrato and vintage style tuners. The pickups are a pair of Shade Custom Wound  High Fidelity pickups controlled by a 3 way switch and a master volume and master tone control. The guitar has a zero fret and a Hallmark locking saddle bridge for perfect intonation and exact pitch return. 

A Custom hardshell case is included.

 The guitar is only available in Hallmark's Surf Pearl finish. Only 25 guitars will be available. A Certificate of Authenticity signed by Les Fradkin and Bob Shade of Hallmark guitars comes with each guitar.




2016 Indie Music Channel Awards - Les Fradkin gets 14 Nominations! - March 21, 2016

Excitement abounds at RRO Entertainment today! Les Fradkin has received 14 Nominations across

five categories for the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards.  Including 6 Classical, 3 Instrumental 3 Rock,

1 Video AND 2016 Album of the Year for his latest release "Mr. Midi Guitar". 



Rehearsals For Retirement Anthology at Amazon! - October 22, 2015

You want Jangle? You got it! And it's $2 cheaper at Amazon!!! It's here! "Rehearsals For Retirement", my new Best Of Anthology-at Amazon! 45 years of Jangleholic 12 string sounds. 2 discs. 30 songs. Surprise Guest Artists. Rare Tracks.


"Rehearsals For Retirement" Best Of Anthology released. - October 18, 2015

You can Pe Order my "Rehearsals For Retirement" Anthology at Amazon!!! 2 discs-30 songs. The best of Les Fradkin. Includes "Song Of A Thousand Voices", "You Can Cry If You Want To", "Jangleholic", "God Bless California" plus previously unreleased demos, rare tracks and Guest appearances by Mick Ronson, The Left Banke and many more.


New Single release: "Disintegration" - July 3, 2015

Catch a wave and buy my new single release "Disintegration".

Surf's Up!


Les Fradkin: Disintegration

New Gear for stage - November 19, 2014


Just acquired a Digitech Vocalist Live 5 and a Boss RC-30. This changes up the whole game for my live

performances and now allows me to double track live guitar, do loops and backing tracks on stage with no

computer at all. It's a beautiful thing.

The Beatles- Trending - October 29, 2014

The Beatles as re-Imagined by MIDI Guitarist Les Fradkin- "Ticket To A Remix Universe":



Ticket To A Remix Universe - October 28, 2014


Les Fradkin Teams up with Michael Brown - August 10, 2014

What have I been up to? Click over to our Reverb Nation page to hear an exclusive preview of the Les Fradkin & Michael Brown first single "As Eagles Fly In The Night"(Promo Version):

Best Classical Recording-2014 - April 28, 2014

2014 Indie Music Channel Award Winner Best Classical Recording "Canon In D":

Les Fradkin has just been awarded the award for Best Classical Recording in the

2014 Indie Music Channel Awards. Check out the video at You Tube:

"I Want You" makes the Amazon Charts! - January 2, 2014

I've just made the amazon charts with The Beatles tune "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" Download this astonishing new arrangement and help me push this to the Top!!!

Skope Magazine Interview - October 25, 2013

New Interview today from Skope Magazine.... "Renowned MIDI guitarist Les Fradkin continues to WOW the critics and audience by bringing innovative music-making techniques to the forefront".



Tour Dates - September 3, 2013

Live on Google Hangout - July 2, 2013

MID TENN LISTENS: C. Bret Campbell Interviews Dr. Midi - Les Fradkin

Come participate in a Live Interview on Google Hangout with me.

July 9, 2013 (2PM PT, 3PM MT, 4PM CT, 5PM ET)



Ticket To A Remix Universe - June 17, 2013

New solo Beatles Instrumental CD!!!!


Les Fradkin- "Ticket To A Remix Universe" (RRO-1038)

Buy a Ticket To A Remixed Universe-where "nothing is real" and The Beatles music is heard as never before.... Produced by Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin


1. Ticket To A Remixed Universe

2. Ticket To Ride

3. Across The Universe

4. The Inner Light

5. Rain

6. Strawberry Fields Forever

7. I Want You (She's So Heavy)

8. Things We Said Today

9. Eleanor Rigby

10. Any Time At All

11. I'll Be Back


Now available at Apple iTunes:

Available soon at and other fine stores!

2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards - April 25, 2013


2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards

We have lift off to the 2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards April 28th 2013! I've been Nominated for Best Classical Artist of 2013 for my song "Lift Off". A unique moment for Classical Crossover, Rock AND Electronic Music.

Lift Off features my brand new "discard the chromatic scale" tuning, using the Starr Labs Ztar to inaugurate FUTURISTIC musical performance!

I will be heading to Hollywood, California to attend the awards pre-party on April 27 and the awards ceremony on Sunday April 28 taking place at the House of Blues Foundation Room in West Hollywood, Los Angeles to celebrate the 2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards!

On Sunday April 28, 2013 HOB Foundation Room: Red Carpet Arrivals at 6PM. Awards Show at 7PM. And the "After Party"at 8PM. Thank you all for your kindness & support! See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Lift Off on YouTube":

Nomination for Best Classical Artist of 2013 - March 26, 2013

Les has just received a nomination on the Indie Music Channel for Best Classical Artist of 2013 for Lift Off!

Les Fradkin Interviewed on WHOA 100 Online! - January 28, 2013


Les is Interviewed by Anthony "Train" Caruso. Anyone can tune in by going to the website and click on the WHOA 100 Banner right side....
Les will talk about his new single "Magic Attic" from his "Reality-The Rock Opera" CD. And he'll talk about Molland Weissman & Fradkin. 
Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 9:15AM EST

Les is Interviewed by Anthony "Train" Caruso.

Anyone can tune in by going to the website and click on the WHOA 100 Banner right side....

Les will talk about his new single "Magic Attic" from his "Reality-The Rock Opera" CD.

And he'll talk about Molland Weissman & Fradkin. 

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 9:15AM EST


Eric Clapton - Play Crossroads - January 19, 2013

Rediscovering Roland - September 22, 2012

Been doing a project locally that brings my Roland VG-8EX and GR-1 setup back into action.

Also seeing action is my Fender Jimmie Vaughn Stratocaster with Roland GK-Kit Internal Pickup.

This is lots of fun and presents new challenges with old familar gear.






A Night at The Museum - July 30, 2012

I've just been added to the Television Producers Music Museum Site:



Respecting Copyright - June 21, 2012

I've had it with mega corporations who advertise their products and services on Pirate websites which hawk illegal bootleg copies of my music for profit without a license or offering to pay me a dime for their theft.

I've had it with endless DMCA takedown requests only to be greeted days later with a repeat of the same offenses in the name of Technological progress. And as for Emily, the DJ, perhaps, if she keeps up her "I deserve music for free" attitude, she'll wake up in a world one day with NO MUSIC, because, by then, no creator will have the financial incentive to create.

Keep it up Corporate America. You're destroying the very economic base which put you where you are. One day, perhaps, you'll wake up and realize that you, too, are "Obsolete". 


Messages from


Les Fradkin Twitter Newsfeed - May 29, 2012

The River Canyon Gallery After show report - May 20, 2012

This was a very successful show for myself as well as over 100 fans who attended the 2nd Anniversary of the River Canyon in Bailey, CO on the evening of May 19, 2012.

One thing was obvious, they had never seen anything like what was presented ever before, save for my YouTube videos. Lots of curiosity about the Starr Labs Ztar and how it worked. I presented this show in two 45 minute sets:

Set #1:

1. Canon Rocks! (Canon In D)

2. Lift Off 

3. Across The Universe

4. I'll Be Back

5. Caravan

6. Strawberry Fields Forever

7. Rain

8. Liberty

Set #2:

1. Ticket To Ride

2. Things We Said Today

3. Classical Gas

4. Key West Sunset

5. A Day At The Beach

6. Apache

7. Walk Don't Run '64

8. The Bridge Across Forever

9. Joy Of Man's Desiring

10. Telstar


The new arrangements of Beatles songs from "Ticket To A Remix Universe" were very warmly received. It seems that everyone is a Beatles fan.

The highlight of the evening as far as audience response were "Lift Off" and "Joy Of Man's Desiring" which got a huge response of recognition. Presented with something new and "out of the box", this audience was engaged and "present".

Equipment setup was as follows:

Starr Labs Ztar Z7s with AirPower Wireless

Akai APC40 Ableton Live Controller

MacBook Laptop running Ableton Live 8.3 with Propellerhead Reason 6. Soft synths for this show included Native Instruments Kore 2, Reaktor, Arturia Moog Modular V2.5, the MOTU Symphonic Instrument and Reason's Thor, Malstrom and Subtractor. Amplification was a Roland KC350.

As for the River Canyon Gallery, they provided a successful celebration of their second Anniversary and sold many many works of art. Director Ellen Campa was a gracious hostess and MC and all were thrilled with the turnout.

A splendid time was had by all.


Available for Sessions - April 16, 2012

Les has played Mellotron, 12 and 6-string Guitar, Bass and Piano on dozens of Top 40 hit records throughout the early 1970's , scoring many US and UK chart placings throughout his career. He continues to be an in demand session musician. 


His influences include: Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Rick Wakeman, Yes, King Crimson, The Moody Blues, Boston, Procol Harum, Bach, Vivaldi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Niccolo Paganini, Electric Light Orchestra, Renaissance, Jean Michel Jarre, The Yardbirds, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple, Cream, Led Zeppelin.


Les is available for all Session work on Guitar, Ztar, Bass, Mellotron, Synthesizer and Keyboards at reasonable rates. Fast, reliable, musical, punctual, astonishing. Available by the Song or for entire album projects. Can also work remotely with Clients on The Internet, no matter where you are in the World. Mixing and Mastering services available upon request. Contact him at:  



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