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LES FRADKIN- "One Link Between Them" (RRO-1027)
LES FRADKIN: One Link Between Them
Two words come to mind after a listen to Les Fradkin's music: Original Genius. One of the most original pieces or music that I have heard in a really long time. Playing his MIDI guitar unlike anyone else, most would call his music Spacerock, which is an understatement. Les crafts each song perfectly to where it flows nonstop. Each song contains amazing rhythms and melodies, which left me on my toes wondering what was coming next. I would recommend this to any fan of Progressive, Electronica, and Space Rock music. I was absolutely blown away by his skill and intelligence. It will definitely leave a permanent mark on anyone who listens to a song. Amazing.

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LES FRADKIN-"One Link Between Them" (RRO-1027) To say that Les Fradkin’s album One Link Between Them is synth-intensive is like saying the sun is kinda hot. Fradkin layers his tunes with inspiring levels of synthesizer sounds and melodies, mixed for optimal keyboard impact. The opening synth salvos on “Lift Off” are in your face and stereo-riffic, as are the big buzzing sawtooth waves and lively percussion on his far-out cover of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan.” Fradkin makes great use of the Roland GR-1 guitar synth throughout, and there is ample usage of Arturia’s Moog Modular V and Jupiter-8V soft-synths, as well as the GForce M-Tron and, evidently, a real Mellotron as well! Fradkin has sequenced and shredded his way into 2008 with one of the most adventurous digital recordings we’ve heard in a while. Get your synth freak on and lift off with Les Fradkin!

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Bro, your style is amazing... I have always loved synths and guitar and you have combined both in a tasty blend of audio orgasmic splendor.... I feel like I ate a quarter of shrooms without the legal ramifications of my actions.... Thanks for capturing what I have heard in my mind for years.... peace, mike


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LES FRADKIN-"One Link Between Them" (RRO-1027) Isn't it a really cool feeling when you discover something or someone that surprises you and simply knocks your socks? Entering the spacerock ring is Mr. Les Fradkin, armed with synthesizers and samples including his featured instrument- Starr Labs Ztar Model Z7S MIDI Guitar. But labeling Les squarely into the Spacerock genre would not be altogether true; combine spacerock, Jean-Michel Jarre and some progrock flair and classical influences and you can at least see where his music is reaching out to. What I like about `One Link Between Them,' is that Fradkin, makes his guitar synths and the Ztar sing with amazing intonation as if Rick Wakeman was playing a classic synth. His MIDI controller makes good use of a substantial array of equipment and samples but never seems forced, as if he's showing off his new toy. Drum programming is of high standards and on ocassion reaches the height of brilliant, though many of the rhythms, remind me of a classic Jean-Michel Jarre feel. High points to the album are: Track 2- `Orbiter,' is a standout! Penned by Mr. Fradkin, the piece starts outs with some tasty Mellotron and settles into some amazing rhythms as well some very cool leads. Les out Jarres Jarre on this track! Track 3- `From Venus with Love,' composed by Les and Loretta Fradkin is a gorgeous melange of tasty rhythms, beauty and spicy melody. As with Orbiter, I didn't want the track to end, but go on forever. Track 4- is Steve Vai's `Liberty,' The song really showcases the skill and amazing technique that Les can do, when needed. The next track is another cover, `Caravan,' (composed by D. Ellington, J.Ticol, I.Mills). Les combines a Middle-eastern influence with his electronic take on Ellington's classic. Track 6- `Warp Drive,' is exactly what it is titled. Add a little Yngwie, a dash of Jarre, some Tangerine Dream and a classical structure, with a pulsating rocking rhythm and you get a wild track. This track highlights Les' brilliant combination of expression as well as technique. `Sailing All Alone,' like track 6 was penned by Les, and slows down the pace to showcase his sense of beauty. Again, the music perfectly portrays its title. Tara Coker-Lewis's voice ascends the piece even higher. Beautiful job. `Longing To Return' briefly returns to the melody and riffs of `From Venus with Love,' but with an amazing beauty that is simply breathtaking. This is a fantastic composition that showcases the simplicity and the sublime. Amazing work Les! I sense a little Vangelis vibe (not soundwise), to this track. Track 9, "A Dim Twilight", is my favorite, perhaps because it is the more proggier of the album's pieces. Penned again by Les and Loretta Fradkin, the composition to me instills a sense of wonder, some nice interplay with the Mellotron flute, oboe and some tastily bass and digital drums. The song gets stronger as it goes though its 7 plus minute length. The Ztar married with electric guitar is breathtaking! Images of triumph permeate this song- and well it should. Joe Meek's `Telstar' finishes up the CD. Again, like Vai's composition, I feel that this one of the weaker tracks and personally, I like Les' penned pieces better, yet I do admire his daring as well as giving a nod to tunes and/or performers that he admires. Did I mention any lows? Nothing to talk about really, the few weaker tracks (IMHO), are still solid because of Les' musicality. All in all, I really liked this album. The CD has enough change and interest, as well as technique to keep Prog rockers interested. Mellotron sounds are not redundant and over-used, and Mr. Fradkin's musicianship marries well with the (especially his), compositions. If you are a fan of Jean-Michel Jarre, or like new technology, check out this artist- now! But there is more to this man than simple synths; Les combines and transmorphs the new technology with feeling, passion and old-fashioned gusto. He knows how to rock, and can even get you on the dance floor; but also, the music is brimming with intelligence, emotion and care. I can't wait to hear what this talented performer does on his next venture. It would be neat to hear a few longer tracks, so Les could spin his array of textures with a larger palette. I can envision a modern Supper's ready-like epic piece coming from Les' Ztar. Also, it might be interesting to add a few traditional instruments into the mix, as a highlight or accent. 9.2 out of 10 rating

Sea of Tranquility

LES FRADKIN- "One Link Between Them" (RRO-1027) One man and his Ztar...the one man is guitarist/keyboard player Les Fradkin, and for those of you who are wondering (and I'm sure most of you are) the Ztar is a MIDI guitar created by Starr Labs, and sort of looks like a cross between a Steinberger electric guitar and a SynthAxe. One Link Between Them is a fun ten song collection of instrumental tracks that mix space rock, electronica, ambient soundcapes, and progressive rock, showcasing Fradkin's keen sense of melody and adventure. Most of the synth & keyboard samples evoke classic sounds of Moogs, Mellotrons, and various Roland synthesizers, giving the album a very rich and futuristic flavor. Hearing Les tackle Steve Vai's "Liberty" (one of three covers on the album) is a real hoot, and his programmed drums and blinding Moog Modulator, permeated with haunting Mellotron, make "Warp Drive" one hell of a ride. Mellotron and Moog sounds once again rear their head on the severe melancholy of "Sailing All Alone", while the 7-minute "A Dim Twilight" features lush Mellotron & Oboe flutes that eventually give way to majestic synthesizer melodies that will please any serious prog rocker. Fradkin's closing take on the Joe Meek space anthem "Telstar" almost sounds like ELO, with some surf guitar lines thrown in for good measure. One Link Between Them is an enjoyable listen, and is highly recommended to lovers of keyboard and guitar synth instrumental music.

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LES FRADKIN - "ONE LINK BETWEEN THEM" (RRO-1027) The cliche "think outside of the box" applies very appropriately to the new disc by Les Fradkin - One Link Between Them. Les builds on an electronic foundation that can be traced as far back as the Rolling Stones' Their Satanic Majesties Request, and he takes the Starr Labs Ztar on a stellar journey via this concept album. Snippets of the Moody Blues, ELO, King Crimson and 80s Eurobeat bands (New Order and OMD come to mind) are also evident in Les' musical blitz on the astral and aural senses. One Link Between Them represents a dramatic departure from the guitar-driven pop-rock that Les is well-known for. However, if you study his earlier prog-rock, synth-rock and instrumental material, you won't be surprised by Les' latest artistic endeavor. Over forty years ago, Roger McGuinn challenged the studio technology of his time to create new forms of musical expression. Les is now taking that art form to places that Roger could never have imagined. As a result, One Link Between Them should appeal to several generations of music enthusiasts. Blast off - and prepare to enjoy the trip!