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Les Fradkin- "One Link Between Them" - (RRO-1027)

"The Space Rock sound everyone is talking about!" What happens when you combine elements of Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Electronic and Neo Classical? All controlled by the amazing and expressive sound of the Starr Labs Ztar? "ONE LINK BETWEEN THEM."  Featuring "Telstar" and the Internet and YouTube Hit single "Lift Off".


The track List:

1. Lift Off

2. Orbiter

3. From Venus With Love

4. Liberty (Steve Vai Cover)

5. Caravan (Ventures Cover)

6. Warp Drive

7. Sailing All Alone

8. Longing To Return

9. A Dim Twilight

10. Telstar (Tornados Cover)


Les Fradkin: One Link Between Them