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Les Fradkin-"Baroque Rocks!" - (RRO-1031)

"Baroque Rocks!", the hit Les Fradkin Ztar album, is now available for purchase at and iTunes. IIt's a blend of Progressive neo classical rock and baroque music featuring Vivaldi, Handel, Bach and new composers. If you like Yngwie Malmsteen, ELO, Vivaldi, Steve Vai and great Baroque music, this is for you. And the main attraction is Les Fradkin and his remarkable Starr Labs Ztar. STRESS SOLUTION: Next time job stress has you gnashing your teeth, try listening to Vivaldi, Handel or Bach. These composers are all covered on "Baroque Rocks!" A just released study reveals that listening to music composed during the 17th Century (Baroque Period) can boost your mood! Contains the hit single "Canon In D".


Les Fradkin: Baroque Rocks!