"Jangleholic" Lyrics

Lot's of folks have been asking what the lyric is to the song "Jangleholic": "There was a group from England had this sound, it took me on a trip, spun my head around, it was the chime, of the jangle in my mind... Was flown further down the road by Byrds, who took some ageless rock and gave it words, it was the chime, of a new folk rock in rhyme Turned me into a 12-string guy, with sounds so good it made me cry, set me up with an inspiration trick, became a Jangleholic.... Now in the 70's it was my time, I had a Broadway gig and made the climb, it was the chime, of the jangle in it's prime... And then the Heartbreakers came along, they used the Jangle sound with a different song, they changed the chime, to a rockin' sound so fine..... I got known for my 12-string shoes, with Beatle licks that made the news, set me up with a trip to stardom quick, for the Jangleholic.... In the 80's it passed out of phase, the music synthesized for endless days, it was the time, of a jangle with no chime.... A new millenium has come to pass and now the jangle sound has got some class, it's now the time, for a drink of jangle wine... Found a way to a happy heart, a music digitized in part, a hundred songs on iTunes you can pick, from the Jangleholic... Yeah I'm the Jangleholic.... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" Words & Music by Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin ©2006 RRO Enteertainment OBO Fradkin 2000 Music Used and reprinted by permission.

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