LES FRADKIN- JANGLEHOLIC" (RRO-1010) The past meets the present-with a 12 string chime", June 13, 2009 Les Fradkin's love of the Rickenbacker electric 12 string guitar is explored to the fullest on this collection of folk-rock classics and sparkling originals. The Tracks-pt.1: the folk-rock covers; Bob Dylan was a major player in not only pure folk music, but folk rock itself was invented when the Byrds covered "Mr. Tambourine Man". His song "I Want You" gets Les' version of a Byrds arrangement, complete with finger picked 12 string, 3-part harmony, and Les' McGuinn-like lead vocal. The Seekers' folk classic "I'll Never Find Another You" is transformed into an all-out electrified folk-rock tour-de-force, featuring multiple electric 12's, full bass and drums, layered vocal harmonies and a sincere lead vocal. One of Les's very best performances. Paul Simon is recognized with two compositions; The Dangling Conversation" is another simple acoustic number that Les transforms into a powerful electric folk ballad, while "A Hazy Shade Of Winter" captures the essence of the Simon & Garfunkel original vocally, while the musical hook is now electrified and the rock beat is more predominant. Kickin'... The Tracks-pt.2: the Originals Arrow Through Your Heart" is much more of a straight pop song that shows off Les' 6-string chops. Why Is This Man Smiling?" & "Sometimes A Girl Must Carry On" sound much like mid-60's folk ballads, while the anthemic "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" has the feel-good quality of "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Without the biblical verse. Last, but definately not least, we come to the title cut; the autobiographical "Jangleholic". This tale of Les' musical journey - and the influences that shaped it - is simply Les Fradkin's finest musical moment-ever. The influences are all there; "A Hard Day's Night" & "If I Needed Someone" meets "Turn! Turn! Turn!" & "The Bells Of Rhymney", as Les layers lots of harmonies and multiple Rick-12 guitar passages for that 1960's feel with 21st century quality. This song would be a sure-fire hit if the narrow - minded radio stations would care to play "real music" by "real performers". Les Fradkin brings his past and his present together wonderfully. Jingle-jangle is not dead. Just ask Les Fradkin: Jangleholic. 5 Stars.” - Daniel S. Sullivan


LES FRADKIN-"Love You 2" (RRO-1008) - Beatlemania' original "George" plays early Beatles by "George", April 5, 2009 Les Fradkin was chosen from 2000 guitarists back in 1976 to play "George Harrison" in Beatlemania. Thirty years later, he re-visits the 1963-1966 songs of his mentor. Les' forte intstrumentally is his usage of the Rickenbacker electric 12-String guitar, which permeates this collection with it's jingle-jangle sound. Other than some help from other musicians on a few tracks, Les plays and sings just about everything on this album. His producing and engineering skill are quite evident with the sonic balance of all vocals and instruments. The Tracks: Taxman" opens the album with some edge and Les' solo reminiscent of the original. If I Needed Someone" sparkles with clarity on both the vocals and the outstanding multi-tracked 12-string. You Know What To Do" is perhaps the standout track on the album, because Les took a "lost" song that never got past the demo stage and fleshed it out with nice harmonies and a rock-a-billy 12-string hook. Well done. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You", "I Want To Tell You", "Do You Want To Know A Secret" and "Think For Yourself" are spot-on covers of the originals. If you had Les' arrangement and the Beatles' vocals combined for "I Need You", you would have had a monster hit. You Like Me Too Much" rearranges all the piano parts of the original into electric 12-string riffs-clever. If there is a weak spot on this collection, it would be "Don't Bother Me". Les eschews the electric samba feel of the original for an acoustic arrangement that doesn't really fit the feel of the album, but is still mildly interesting. The album wraps with the title cut "Love You To". Les' use of 12-string in place of sitar gives it an "east meets west feel. All-in-all, Les' tribute to George Harrison does the music much more than simply justice- it's a labor of love. I recommend it heartily. 5 Stars.” - Daniel S. Sullivan


LES FRADKIN- "UNDER THE COVERS" (RRO-1011) Fradkin delivers another winner in his ever-growing body of work. Fradkin knows his way around Byrds and 12 stringed Rickenbackers seeing as he was the original George Harrison in "Beatlemania" 30 years ago. As with all his CDs, this is endlessly catchy 12-String Jangle Pop with a distinctive "sonic signature." The influence of 60`s and 70`s Pop with big hooks, lush harmonies, commercial production and virtuoso Rickenbacker 12-String electric guitar. "Under The Covers" gives everyone a look at some of his newest music- drenched in hooks galore for fans of Beatles Pop and 70`s AM radio Pop. You`ll also get to hear brand new versions of his origional MGM/Sunflower single "Song Of A Thousand Voices" and "You Can Cry If You Want To" which has been a must have for 45RPM collectors for years. These songs have been unavailable for 35 years. New songs this time out include "Under The Covers", an autobiographical followup to "Jangleholic." Other newies include his iTunes smash single- "Through The Looking Glass" and "Take A Chance" which are slices of 60`s & 70`s Pop ear candy with hooks galore. His latest tune, "I Cry" is co-written with Amber Gomez of Venus In Bluejeans, and will grab you every time you hear it. All with Les` famous Rickenbacker 12-String guitar stylings mixed with his "sonic signature" production stamp. Now check out the covers! "Reflections Of My Life" (The Marmalade), "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" (The Fortunes) "Montego Bay" (Bobby Bloom), And "I`d Love You To Want Me" (Lobo). And as a surprise bonus, Les sings his famous French Mireille Mathieu hit - in French! Arranged with a nod to the original Paul Mauriat ("Love Is Blue")arrangement in mind, Les brings his self-composed Mathieu classic into modern sound.” - Eric Sorensen

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LES FRADKIN-"12" (RRO-1015) 12" is Les Fradkin's 12th album and except for one song is every bit as good as Les has done so far. Some Byrds, some Dylan, a few originals...they make an excellent mixture on which Les excells. Jumping out from the batch of guest musicians are Buddy Cage on pedal steel and ex-Manassas keyboardist Paul Harris. But the real treat here is the song I made exception for earlier on : Alone Again Or ! This is obviously a cover version of the opening track on Love's Forever Changes. I'm a big fan of the Love original, but this one's right up there as well ! For me this track alone is worth the price of admission. Fans of Les will no doubt enjoy the entire album, but everybody else should at least own Alone Again Or and since it's available as an individual download...what's the problem ? ;)” - Eddy Smit

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LES FRADKIN-"12" (RRO-1015) Do you love jangly music? Do your ears perk up at the distinctive sound of a chiming Rickenbacker 12-string guitar? If so, don't hesitate to snap up a copy of Les Fradkin's twelfth solo disc - appropriately titled 12. As with past albums, Les is pictured on the cover with his Rickenbacker 360v64 (the model that was designed for George Harrison) 12-string guitar and Les showcases both his crisp pop-rock 12-string sound and his sonic production techniques on the nine tracks. Three of the tracks are original (two are co-writes), and the rest of the songs are a parade of tunes that Boomer music fans should be quite familiar with. Highlights include Les' versions of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Eight Miles High"- recorded for the download-only four volume Byrds tribute set, Timeless Flyte (produced by Fradkin and released on his RRO Entertainment label), and available here for the first time on CD. Les' rendition of Mr. Tambourine Man sounds like he was studying every instrumental nuance in the studio when the Fab Five recorded this track in 1965. Les captures the sound of the Byrds again on his brilliant folk-rock version of "Four Strong Winds" by Ian Tyson. Les gives his own stamp to the McGuinn-Clark-Crosby classic "Eight Miles High", the traditional "I Know You Rider", Arthur Lee and Love's "Alone Again Or" and Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna-Fall." I have said this before but it bears repeating: Roger McGuinn's 12-string guitar style helped to pioneer the folk-rock sound of the 60s, and Les Fradkin nimitable 12-string guitar style is a leading force in the contemporary pop-rock scene that is keeping that chiming sound alive and vibrant. Hence, 12 is an album that should appeal to pop fans young and old. http://cdbaby.com/cd/lesfradkin14” - Eric Sorensen

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LES FRADKIN-"12" (RRO-1015) So one day I’m wondering who besides me likes playing Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitars and I stumble upon Mr Les Fradkin who is based in Parker, Colorado. Having imported this album have to say first off that this guy knows exactly how to get a clear ringing sound out of a Rick AND he plays many other instruments. Co-produced by Loretta Fradkin, this album is the sound of someone totally in love with the West Coast guitar sound and folk-song vibe. Across these 9 cuts, Fradkin delivers a tuneful, twinkling, chiming set of songs all sounding precise and at times on the edge of frantic. There is an endemic problem in doing versions, as any objective musician will tell you. I have long come around to the view that overall it’s best NOT to do songs you LOVE, but rather tunes you think you can do something with. Here the take on Love’s sublime ‘Alone Again Or’ is fantastically paced and presented, brings out every ounce of the song’s aching despair – but it’s more a recreation than a version, as such. Same with ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ and maybe nobody could play it ‘right’ better than Les. But it’s with the lesser known songs and own creations that Fradkin really hits home. ‘Lay Down Your Arms’ has a sincere push and twanging hypnotic feel that makes you nod with approval. ‘Down On My Luck’ might be the best contemporary folkrock musing that anyone has come up with in recent years, it’s in the John Stewart/ John Prine league, kid you not. Marry this to the dextrous and well-placed guitar line decoration and you have a fine listen indeed. A man with his heart on his sleeve and hopefully more originals to weave his guitar spells with ; a quality performer I greatly respect.” - Pete Sargeant

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LES FRADKIN- JANGLEHOLIC" (RRO-1010) Well, Fradkin had me at "Jangle". Any album with a title like "Jangleholic" is going to nab a lot of Not Lamers out of the gate, the only question is does the music live up to the hope. Well, listen below and smile is the answer. Fradkin knows his way around Byrds and 12 stringed Rickenbackers seeing as he was the original George Harrison in "Beatlemania" 30 years ago. "Jangleholic" is endlessly catchy 12-String Jangle Pop with a distinctive "sonic signature." The influence of 60`s and 70`s Pop with big hooks, lush harmonies, commercial production and virtuoso Rickenbacker 12-String electric guitar. On this release, Fradkin mixes his originals and offers up a great selection of Jangle covers from songs that influenced him as a 12-string guitarist: "I Want You" ( Bob Dylan ), "You Were On My Mind" ( by The We Five ), "I`ll Never Find Another You" ( by The Seekers ) and TWO Paul Simon songs from the Simon & Garfunkel Songbook- "A Hazy Shade Of Winter" and his electrfying cover of "The Dangling Conversation." Jangle fans are going to freak and rejoice and for you, fans of the Rick, there`s little doubt of this being Extremely Highly Recommended!” - Bruce Brodeen


LES FRADKIN- JANGLEHOLIC" (RRO-1010) Les gets you right away with a Rickenbacker guitar pictured on the front cover! And you gotta love the title! Talk about truth in advertising! Not to worry, there are plenty of 6 + 12-string Ricks put to very good use here! In fact, Les plays all of the instruments here! The songs and treatments sound like a 60's AM Pop station playlist! The title track could be a Roger McGuinn outtake! "Guaranteed to please 'Jangle Pop' fans. Along with his usual unique and interesting twist interpretations of famous songs, his new original compositions are produced with oldies fans in mind. Covers include songs by Bob Dylan ("I Want You"), Paul Simon ("A Hazy Shade Of Winter" and "The Dangling Conversation"), The We Five (via their Sylvia Tyson penned hit "You Were On My Mind") and The Seekers ("I'll Never Find Another You"). His production has been favorably compared to Phil Spector" - Amazon.com WARNING: THIS DISC CONTAINS INGREDIENTS THAT MAY BE HABIT-FORMING FOR NON JANGLE-HOLICS!” - Ray at KoolKat

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LES FRADKIN- JANGLEHOLIC" (RRO-1010) This cd title is a dead ringer for all you BYRDMANIACS out there. If you love the original classic line up of the Byrds, you ought to look into Les Fradkin's music. Rarely does an artist cover the 60's sound so faithfully and passionately. For fans of Beau Brummels, Beatles, and of course: THE BYRDS! ANd when it comes to being a jangolholic, tambourines and 12 strings never sounded better.” - Jeremy Morris

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LES FRADKIN- GOIN' BACK"- (RRO-1009) Fantastic 60's pop from the master of this style. If you love the Byrds, Beatles, Left Banke, Beau Brummels, Buffalo Springfield, etc..Please don't pass this by. Guest appearance on the cd include The Left Banke!!!, Mick Ronson, and Richie Furay! Les is in amazing company here. This is the real deal! 60's music is alive and well*****” - Jeremy Morris

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