Napoleon's Ghost-"They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!!" (The Single)

NEWS FLASH!!!!: YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" at Apple iTunes! The story behind this disc is shrouded in MYSTERY! You may have heard this song before. You may remember Napoleon XIV from those heady days of the summer of 1966. 40 years ago, "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!!" took AM Pop radio by storm. "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" sold 1.2 million copies and made it all the way to #3 in Billboard before it was banned from airplay. It was an utterly unique novelty hit- nothing like it before.... or since. UNTIL NOW! 40 years later, Napoleon's Ghost offers up a brand new version of this all time comedy musical novelty. Complete with "warped" VSO vocals, sirens and great fun. If you're under stress, this song is the place to press. As a special bonus, Napoleon's Ghost even re-creates the fun of the original B-side: BACKWARDS!!!! These songs will available for download only across The Internet. DOWNLOAD "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Haa!" at Apple iTunes. Produced by Les Fradkin. A DOWNLOAD ONLY RRO Single. Download Napoleon's Ghost at Apple iTunes! Hottest version! Selling faster than any other. An iTunes smash!

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Prog Fest - 2013

The Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut Street, Denver, CO


This Sunday Nov. 3:   PROGFEST 2013 The Walnut Room 3131 Walnut St. Denver, CO 4PM - 9PM

featuring Les Fradkin, Going for the Edge, ZED, Laura and Dave's Jazz Explosion, Jaime Krutz, Future's Illusion, and many more!

Les plays at 4PM! The Broncos have a BYE on this date so there is no game!  


2013 Silver Stars Competition

Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN

Cigna Health Springs presents the 6th Annual 2013 Silver Stars Competition. Les Fradkin is among the 10 Finalists in Competition for the winner's slot.  



2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards

House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA

We have lift off to the 2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards April 28th 2013! I've been Nominated for Best Classical Artist of 2013 for my song "Lift Off". A unique moment for Classical Crossover, Rock AND Electronic Music.Lift Off features my brand new "discard the chromatic scale" tuning, using the Starr Labs Ztar to inaugurate FUTURISTIC musical performance!I will be heading to Hollywood, California to attend the awards pre-party on April 27 and the awards ceremony on Sunday April 28 taking place at the House of Blues Foundation Room in West Hollywood, Los Angeles to celebrate the 2nd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards!On Sunday April 28, 2013 HOB Foundation Room: Red Carpet Arrivals at 6PM. Awards Show at 7PM. And the "After Party"at 8PM. Thank you all for your kindness & support! See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tickets at:

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