From the recording Ticket To A Remix Universe

Imagine a remixed world of Beatles music where mashups, loops, new musical approaches and astonishing arrangements of Pop, Rock, electronica and guitar merge 
into a new sonic experience. Imagine a world where everything by The Beatles seems familiar but everything is merged into a Remixed Universe. That new experience
is brought to you on the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles arrival in America by Les Fradkin - the "King Of Midi Guitar".

Inspired by symphonic rock and the daring and successful remix/mashup known as "The Beatles - Love" and the Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas Beatles "Love" show, Les has a 
vision to take a new approach to hearing the music of The Beatles several steps further with modern Trance, EDM, sampling, loops, Classic, Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, his own composing and traditional electric guitar sounds to arrive at a creative Remix concept for the music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Featuring such Beatles hits as: "Ticket To Ride", "Across The Universe", "Rain", "Eleanor Rigby", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "The Inner Light" and the Amazon hit single version of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", Les takes Beatles music on a mind altering trip into a future where no one has gone before - It's time to celebrate the Beatles' US 50th Anniversary and buy your "Ticket To A Remix Universe".