Hyper Midi Guitar Preview!

Les Fradkin - Hyper Midi Guitar

I've got a new CD which will be released this month. 

"Hyper Midi Guitar"

To hear "Sabre Dance" click the link below:


This is available NOW! Features covers of songs by guitarists/groups such as Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Dave Edmunds (Love Sculpture), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Steve Howe (Yes), Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Tom Scholz (Boston), Jimi Hendrix, and Pete Townshend (The Who).

Hyper Midi Guitar Track list:

1. Sabre Dance

2. All Along The Watchtower

3. 21st Century Schizoid Man

4. Immigrant Song

5. Situation

6. Layla

7. Roundabout

8. Highway Star

9. More Than A Feeling

10. Pinball Wizard / See Me Feel Me Medley


As many of you know, music critics have called

me a one man band. And yes, it's true- I play

all the instruments on this new CD, as I have

many times in the past on most of my recordings.


I've always looked for new ways to make electronic

MIDI Guitar a more expressive instrument. As always,

I've strived to take MIDI Guitar to the next level.


My newest recording, "Hyper MIDI Guitar" is the

first where I play ALL the guitar and bass parts

from my Starr Labs Ztar. triggering a completely

custom made sample library, which was assembled

for this project. With admirable restraint, I can say

I did not pick up any of my guitars or basses to record

this CD. Enjoy! And stay tuned for the official worldwide

release of "Hyper MIDI Guitar".

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