Les endorses Starr Labs Ztar

Les has just endorsed the new Starr Labs Ztar Z7S which Harvey Starr of Starr Labs has custom built for him. His new Ztar includes special electronic and cosmetic modifications. Quoting from the Starr Labs website: "The Z-tar is an electronic musical instrument that you connect via a MIDI cable to synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, and computers. The main difference between the Z-tar and other MIDI guitar controllers is that there are no strings on the neck. Instead, the fingerboard is actually a specialized keyboard with a touch-sensitive key each note position. You can play the Z-tar like a guitar where you fret with one hand and strum with the other hand, or you can tap the fingerboard keys to play them as you would a keyboard, only you’re playing the same scales and fingerings that you use on guitar. The Ztar is not a guitar. It does not replace a guitar. It helps a guitarist play synthesizers and play into computers." Les and Harvey are very excited about this alliance of musician and high technology. Les says: "I'm thrilled with this instrument. It's allowing me to play music that's quite impossible to acheive on a conventional electric guitar or even a Pitch To MIDI Guitar Synthesizer. With both two handed tapping and guitar strumming techniques, it opens the gate to musical infinity!" Les has already put this instrument into service on his guitar instrumental CD: "Guitar Revolution."

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