Les Fradkin and his Customized Wilson Bros. Ventures Guitar

Years ago, Les Fradkin established himself as one of the earliest and most enthusiastic endorsers of Wilson Bros. Ventures Model Guitars. A life long Ventures fan and an Original Cast Member of the Broadway Show "Beatlemania", he has become one of the most successful Indie artists on the Internet with over 300,000 downloads sold to date. Over 230,000 of these have featured Les as a 21st Century Hi-Tech Guitar Instrumental Artist. He has been featured on the cover of 20th Century Guitar Magazine. His CD "A Day At The Beach" was named Album of The Year by New Gandy Dancer Magazine in 2004. In addition, his Guitar Instrumental CD "Pepper Front To Back" has received rave reviews from New Gandy Dancer Magazine and already holds the distinction of being the most requested "Cover Album" in the history of the "Breakfast With The Beatles" radio show. For years, Les has endorsed and played the Ventures Model VM-65 and VM-10 "Strat Style" guitars. It's his heavily modified VM-10 that shows how perfect a platform this guitar can be for the Hi-Tech guitar stylings that Les specializes in. He first featured this instrument live at Louiefest 2004 and his VM-10 continues to be at the heart of every CD he records. In fact, it graced the cover art for his 2006 CD "If Your Memory Serves You Well." His VM-10 has been custom wired to include a Roland GK-KIT pickup package with a 13 Pin output jack as well as a power booster for solos all hidden underneath the pick guard of his VM-10. This allows Les to drive Roland products such as his VG8EX V-Guitar System, Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer, Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer and Roland GI-20 Guitar/MIDI Interface. On the guitar side, his custom power booster gives him 10db of gain for his trademark solos without having to step on any sort of foot pedal. The guitar is set up so that it can double track guitar sounds live in concert and this continues to astound and baffle his fans worldwide. Les is looking forward to continuing his Hi-Tech innovations with Wilson Bros. Guitar Company in the future and promises to keep 'em guessing while he continues to blaze a Hi-Tech trail. See the Wilson Bros Ventures Model Guitars at: http://www.wilsonguitarventures.com/wgv.html

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