Les Fradkin on TDFZ Radio!

It's a very special forthcoming Dream Of Peace Special podcast taking place on April 25th. This exclusive show plus all of the TDFZ (Tangerine Dream Fan Zone) music programs are free for everyone to download and enjoy from the TDFZ radio podcast site each and every Saturday from 12 noon (GB-BST), and are all available permanently there for your continued musical enjoyment. The TDFZ weekly friends music editions expose some of the very best of world electronica currently being produced. Les Fradkin has been featured several times on the program and April 25th has him joining Yoko Ono, Tangerine Dream, Michel Sanchez and others for a special Dream Of Peace Program. Come and join TDFZ and their ongoing musical journey of discovery each weekend with resident dreamer and host Chris Newman. TDFZ Radio Show site: http://soundfuturesdirect.com/blog See it at You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7tMIoKlmkE TDFZ Poster-April 2009

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