System Crash Video at YouTube!

Les Fradkin, the virtuoso of MIDI Guitar,presents "System Crash", from his CD "Reality-The Rock Opera".

Les continues to innovate with his self developed Ztar technique which combines two handed tapping, finger picking and Ableton Live Clip triggering control. This video is long (over 7 minutes). Be patient. Watch the whole thing if you can!

Robert Fripp once remarked in Guitar Player Magazine: "There is a new music to go with this new instrument. Therein lies my interest in the guitar synthesizer. That something entirely new will appear." This COULD be it!

Come have a look and listen to the MIDI Guitar sound of the future. Featuring the amazing sound of the Starr Labs Ztar! The Ztar can be strummed with string triggers or tapped with one or both hands as seen in this video. The main lead sound is the M-Tron (Mellotron) Flute and Oboe and the Roland XV-5080 Lead Guitar. Background sounds are from Reason 4, GForce M-Tron, Roland XV-5080 and Arturia Soft Synths.

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