Together For The World

Les Fradkin -

Les Fradkin announces the release of his new EP: "Together for The World"

3 stirring themes for bringing the World together.

The featured theme song of Artists for America - a grass roots "Organizing for America" Campaign for 2010. "Together" is featured on the Hart Radiothon presented by John David Hart.

"Together", featuring guest harmony vocals from RRO Entertainment artist Amber Gomez (formerly of Venus In Bluejeans), offers a potent message for today: "Together, we'll all be one one day". You'll be singing along with this "Give Peace A Chance" and "We Are The World" of the 21st Century. This track features Les on Lead Vocals, Rickenbacker 12 string Guitar, Mellotron and Ztar Orchestrations-new for this special wide stereo single mix version. The inventor of Rock Opera, Mark Wirtz, declares: "Bloody brilliant!"

"The Rebirth Of Hope"- the first of two instrumentals on this special EP, features a very emotional theme. Les features on Hammond Organ, lead guitar and Starr Labs Ztar Orchestrations.

"Anthem For All Nations" is a Ztar featured instrumental which was inspired by a Georg Handel Minuet from his Concerto Grosso 6 Opus Number 5. Les' treatment of this piece, which heavily features his Starr Labs Ztar, has been described by Malcolm Campbell: "This is the closing movement of Op.6 No.5, a typically elegant minuet dazzlingly transformed into an anthem of truly Handelian majesty (note the striking evocation of an ethereal choir from 2:45)."

Campbell continues: "Les deploys four Mellotron dubs to create an awesomely ample soundstage recalling the huge musical resources mustered by the maestro himself in the anthems he composed for the wonderfully reverberant acoustics of Westminster Abbey. Full of clever touches, it constantly surprises, and furnishes an object lesson in the skilful use of modern technology to create an illusion of large-scale musical forces — a sleight of hand that brilliantly re-interprets shining compositions sourced from what an eminent writer on the period has termed ‘a fascinating cast of musical magicians'." "Anthem" conjures up a peaceful but stirring feeling... "Together for The World".

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