Under The Covers

Les Fradkin's Jangle Rickenbacker 12-String Pop returns with a new release! This new CD gives everyone a look at some of his newest music- drenched in hooks galore for fans of Beatles Pop and 70's AM radio Pop. You'll also get to hear brand new versions of his origional MGM/Sunflower single "Song Of A Thousand Voices" and "You Can Cry If You Want" which has been a must have for 45RPM collectors for years. These songs have been unavailable for 35 years. New songs this time out include "Under The Covers", an autobiographical followup to "Jangleholic." Other newies include "Through The Looking Glass" and "Take A Chance" which are slices of 60's & 70's Pop ear candy with hooks galore. His latest tune, "I Cry" promises to be one of his most covered compositions. Co-written with Amber Gomez of Venus In Bluejeans, this tune will grab you every time you hear it. All with Les' famous Rickenbacker 12-String guitar stylings mixed with his "sonic signature" production stamp. Covers this time round include: "Reflections Of My Life" (The Marmalade), "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" (The Fortunes) "Montego Bay" (Bobby Bloom), and "I'd Love You To Want Me" (Lobo). And as a surprise bonus, Les sings his famous French Mireille Mathieu hit.... in French! Arranged with a nod to the original Paul Mauriat ("Love Is Blue")arrangement in mind, Les brings his self-composed Mathieu classic into modern sound. This release is pressed on special edition BLACK Colored CD's which reflect crimson burgundy in bright light. One time Under The Covers and you'll be hooked. http://www.cdbaby.com/lesfradkin12

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